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Our people are our greatest asset. The success of the practice depends on the expertise and professionalism of each staff member. This philosophy underlines our approach to staff development. Through an annual appraisal system we identify individual development needs and provide a personal technical and professional training plan, helping each person to fulfil their potential. This ensures skill levels are strategically aligned with our client and business needs. We believe in building careers and not just providing a place to work. Our structured training and professional development programmes enable our staff to achieve membership of relevant professional institutions. Our investment in continuing professional development means that staff are at the forefront of current best practice and technology. We work with integrity and discipline in an open and relaxed atmosphere, having a flexible team structure that enables team members to be selected specifically to suit the project in hand. Through staff training and the cross-fertilisation of ideas across the practice, an innovative, challenging and fulfilling working environment has been created. The benefits of our approach are reflected in the exceptionally high number of staff who develop long-term careers within the Practice. Our team are fully supported by us and their member institutions consisting of:

Royal Institute of British Architects
Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists

We will ensure the right skills are efficiently balanced to maximise your projects potential and thus your expectations ensuring your project is realised to the highest quality, within your required time constraints and on budget. We will ensure environmental responsibility by innovation in our design approach.


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